When to Harvest Parfianka Pomegranate

The best time to harvest Parfianka pomegranate is when the fruit is fully ripe. Pomegranate fruit ripening takes anywhere from four to seven months. Parfiaka pomegranate flowers bloom in April so the fruits are ready by September – November. Parfiaka fruits are ready to pick when it turns pink to red in color.

Judging ripeness by color will get you close but it’s not the most reliable method. One way to tell if the fruit is ripe for picking is when it becomes slightly square caused by the arils inside becoming full of juice. The fruit will also feel heavy for its size. When the tips of the flower, the crown, curl inwards then the fruit is ripe and ready for you to enjoy.

How long do Parfianka pomegranates last

Pomegranate fruit is non-climacteric. So unlike a banana, a pomegranate stops ripening as soon you pick it. Thus pomegranate shelf life is quite long if you keep them in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Keep the fruits apart and out of sunlight. You can store the whole fruit in a fridge for as long as two months. Up to 5 days for seeds or juice.

Leave Parfianka pomegranate fruits on the tree

Pomegranate fruits are long-lasting. For this reason, we don’t harvest them all at once. We harvest what we need and leave the rest on the tree. This way we extend the Parfianka pomegranate harvest season.

3 Easy Steps to Open a Pafianka Pomegranate

Opening a pomegranate in 3 easy steps

Opening a pomegranate can be messy especially if you cut too deep and pierced the juicy arils. The edible soft tissue surrounding the seeds. Here’s how to open a pomegranate in 3 easy steps.

  1. Using a sharp knife, score the skin in a circular motion around the bottom (the flower-end) and remove it.
  2. Score the skin along the membrane that divides each section, there should be around six.
  3. Pry the fruit open with your hands and discard the membrane.
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